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November 14, 2020
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Who Should Have a Roadside Assistance Plan

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With more drivers than ever on road, roadside assistance plans are becoming even more popular. There are many reasons why roadside assistance is an essential part of owning a vehicle. If you spend a lot of time driving a car, the chances of having a car problem drastically increases.

Although your car may appear to be in good condition, you do not always know what is going on mechanically. For instance, there are many things that can happen resulting in a car break down such as an engine overheating and a battery losing its charge and going dead. As well, even if you have the best tires, you never know when there may be an object such as a nail on the road which can cause a flat tire. A roadside assistance package will ensure a technician will respond to your emergency.

Another reason to purchase roadside assistance is if you do a lot of night driving. Breaking down on the side of the road late at night can be a scary experience if you are alone. You will feel a lot better knowing that help is only a phone call away. If you have teenagers who drive, you will sleep much better knowing that if they had car problems, they could get in touch with roadside assistance for help. This not only includes a car break down, but also if one locks their keys inside the car, requires a tow, runs out of gas or other fluids such as motor oil, brake fluid, and radiator fluid. A roadside assistant tech can come out and replace fluids as well as bring a replacement key.

Roadside assistance is also beneficial if you live in an area with a lot of snow. Every year, winter time brings a lot of snow storms resulting in cars slipping and sliding and going off the roads. With roadside assistance you don't have to worry about being stuck in the cold and blizzard conditions. As well, a battery that goes dead is a very common event in the winter. This could be due to the cold or leaving the lights on. With one phone call, a roadside assistant technician will be out to give your battery a boost, or you can have a tow truck dispatched to pick up both you and your car. Roadside assistance companies provide a toll free number that is listed on the membership card. Members can call for emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day 7 days a week, as well as on holidays.

The numerous benefits to purchasing a roadside assistance plan. Usually one tow almost covers the cost of a plan. Roadside assistance not only helps drivers out of difficult situations, but many plans offer extra features such as travel maps, discounts on hotels and restaurants, and more.

Many insurance companies offer roadside assistance service in their vehicle insurance policies. There are a number of roadside assistance companies that provide special packages. As well, many credit cards and cell phones provide free roadside assistance with their plan. Any vehicle that has Onstar has the means to acquire roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance makes your driving experience much more reassuring because you know you can get help in the event of an emergency.


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