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The first gasoline powered car was invented by Karl Benz of Germany in 1885, and only 20 years later the first turbocharger was invented by Swiss engineer, Alfred Buchi. But unlike twin turbo kits of today, the first turbocharger was not intended for cars, but for large diesel engines on ships and airplanes.

28 Mar 20

Reading about garage flooring was probably not at the top of your list of things to read about today. I don't know why. It's a subject that men have philosophized about, nations have gone to war over, and future generations will no doubt debate for centuries to come.

26 Apr 20

Of course the most obvious tip to saving on fuel costs is just to not drive at all. Ride a bike, walk, car pool, or if you live in the city take a bus. All of these methods will save you on your gas bill bit for most of us they are also unrealistic so let's look at some more applicable methods and the habits you can change that are a little more practical and will really make a difference.

18 Jun 20

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28 Oct 20
Adding accessories to your truck, car, or van can help protect your valuables and increase the resale value of your investment. Buying accessories for your truck, van or off road vehicle can help increase the value of your vehicle. Let's face it, vehicles aren't cheap and are a serious investment.
27 Nov 20
Riding a motorcycle, nothing feels better then just riding down the road on a clear down just cruising. So it is good that you keep safety in your mind when you start to ride. You will need to realize that you don't have the protection of a car or truck around your body so if you get into a bike accident you are just going to go flying off the bike if you are not careful.
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14 Nov 20
With more drivers than ever on road, roadside assistance plans are becoming even more popular. There are many reasons why roadside assistance is an essential part of owning a vehicle. If you spend a lot of time driving a car, the chances of having a car problem drastically increases. Although your car may appear to be in good condition, you do not always know what is going on mechanically.
06 Dec 20
Getting insurance on a sports car can be more expensive than what you are looking to spend. Sports cars usually require a higher rate every month than most other cars. At most all sports car owners want full coverage on their prize winning jewels.
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